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Monday, 18 July 2016

3. Brackets and Full Braces

This is the last of three appointments which was fixed to get my braces fitted on. I literally woke up with excitement because I am not only getting my braces fitted on this morning but I am heading to JB with a friend after that.

I arrived on the dot and proceeded to register for my appointment at the B1 clinic.

Okay I am gonna admit, I haven't had time to write the post and as time passed, my memory literally faded and I can't remember much.

But I can still remember the JB trip vaguely because of how tough a time I had while eating the food. I ordered a poached egg with smoked salmon with rocket leaves. I literally left the greens untouched and I spent a realllly long time to down the entire meal.

The night market was pretty good! Had muah chee and the carrot cake which I think was still good for me, given that I had braces just in the morning.

Heh so that's all I can remember. Remember to watch out for the next post, I will make sure I write it down as soon as I can. Ciao!

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